Employment Information

About the Benning Blueberries

Benning Family Trust is a family owned & run company. We employ casual & seasonal staff throughout the harvest period.

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Benning Family Trust employees are covered by the Horticultural Award 2010.

The Horticultural Award 2010

All employees have rights at work. For more information on these

Fair Work Information Statment

What does blueberry picking involve?

Blueberries grow on bushes in clusters - picking will be allocated rows which they will go through, looking for fruit that is ripe, firm and completely blue. This fruit is placed in buckets and then taking to a picking station where the fruit is sorted and scanned. Trays of sorted blueberries are taken to our packing shed to be put into punnets and sent off to market.

What will I get paid?

All pickers are put on as a casual employee and are paid by the kilo. The piece rate (the dollar rate per kilo), is determined each day by the harvest supervisor. This changes depending on the fruit quality and quantity.

How long will the season last?

Our season begins around July and goes through to January. It is at the busiest between September and January.

What do I need to know?

We do not require that our pickers have past experience picking blueberries, just that you are willing to take the time and learn. Keep in mind, there will be good days and bad days as you learn the process.

Accommodation and facilities

We require all pickers to organise their own accommodation and transport to the farm. There is NO accommodation available on the farm and camping on unapproved land is strictly forbidden. we will assist you with accommodation where possible. The farm will have toilets, clean drinking water and handwashing facilities. we provide sunscreen and shaded area to take breaks. You will need to provide your own food and food storage (e.g. esky).

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